.Net Programming syllabus – Uttarakhand Polytechnic

Introduction to Microsoft. Net Framework (08 Periods)

Introduction to .NET framework, Feature, Architecture, and component of .Net, Common Language Runtime (CLR), Common Type System (CTS), Common Language Specifications (CLS), Microsoft Intermediate Language (MSIL), Just In Time Compiler, Common IDE for all languages, Creating Applications, Building Projects Using simple components, Running VB .NET applications.

Concepts Oops Using of C# (10 Periods)

Overview of C#, Data Type: Primitive and Reference, Type Conversion, Type Conversion Function, Boxing Un-boxing, Controlling the flow in C#, Class & Object, Function, Function Call and Arguments, Inheritance, Function Overloading, Overriding, Static Members, Final Members, Exception handling, Garbage Collection: Finalize and Dispose, Multithreading: Thread States, Lifecycle of a Thread, Abstract Class, Interface, Data structures: Array, String, String Buffer, Arraylist, Hashtable.

Server Programming Concepts (10 Periods)

Introduction to client server architecture, Introduction ASP .Net, Design ASPX
Pages, Web forms, Web Controls: Properties and Layout, Event Handling,
Designing CSS, Using CSS in Web Page, Designing Custom & User Control,
View State, Control State, Session State, Application State, ASP.Net Validators,
Get and Set Properties.

Database Programming (10 Periods)

Database Programming with ADO.Net, Object Linking and Embedding, Database
Connections, Data access techniques, ADO.NET Objects, Development of 3 Tier
Architecture Web Application, LINQ to SQL & ADO.NET, Write XML Schema,
XML Attributes, Creating & Accessing XML Files, LINQ Queries, LINQ and the
Standard Query Operators, Programming with LINQ, Programming with LINQ to
XML, LINQ to SQL Queries, LINQ over Datasets, Interoperating with

Client-side Scripting: (Using Java Script) (08 Periods)

Introduction to JQuery, Creating User Interface, JSON Syntax, JSON
Encoding/Decoding, Server-Side JSON Tools, JSON verses XML, Getting Data
from the Server, Defining HTTP Handlers and Module.

Web services, WCF (10 Periods)

Development & consuming web services, WCF Services, Fundamentals WCF
Concepts, Creating a New Service, Generating a Service and Client Proxy,
Hosting a service in IIS, Messaging protocol, WCF Contracts and Serialization,
Service Contracts, Approaches to Serialization, Web Service Bindings, Object
Oriented Bindings, One way and Duplex Communication, Large Message
Transfers, Hosting Features, Hosting in IIS, WCF Exception Handling.

Reporting Services (08 Periods)

Understanding SSRS, Configure Report Server, Using Report Wizard, Building a
Matrix Report, Client and Server Side Reports, Parameterize Reports, Using Bars,
Charts and Maps in Report, Deploying and Administering SSRS, Data Bars and
Indicators, Using Report Builder.

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